Saturday, October 08, 2005

last SAT's playlist

the show was GREAT. thanks to everbody who came by the ol' shack and had a listen.

About A Girl -Nirvana
Good Guys (don't wear white) -Minor Threat
Useless Eater -Vomit Pigs
Hairspray Suppository -The Locust
Coolidge -Descendents
Farewell To John Denver -Monty Python
E.T. Go Home -Jackshit
Action Speak -Black Easter
Ain't It Fun -Dead Boys
American Waste -Black Flag
Anti-Pope -The Damned
sail on -bad brains
Blew -Nirvana
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy -Poison Idea
Billy B. Childish -Thee Headcoatees
Dangermare -Pegboy
Aloha Spicoli -Fast Times
Don't Hide Your Hate -The Filth
Dope For Guns -Ruts
hear the scream -government issue
Hardcore Rules -Hated Youth
Big Take Over -Bad Brains
Big Kahuna Burger -Pulp Fiction
I Am A Dalek -Art Attacks
I Hate My School -Red Cross
I Felt Like a Gringo -Minutemen
Bill Lumberg's Umm Yeah
My Old Man's a Fatso -Angry Samoans
Interrogation -Blunt Instrument
MTV get off the air -Dead Kennedys
Salad Days -Minor Threat
Do You Take Drugs Danny? -Caddy Shack
Oi To The World -the vandals
New Radio -Bikini Kill
Prophet of Doom -Blight
Plastic Bomb -Poison Idea
My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic -Frantix
Land Of The Free -Patriots
El Mundo (Is a Weirdo) -Wayward Youth
Emptying The Madhouse -Even Worse
Its friday -Chris Tucker
Florida Reptile Land -Roach Motel
Flame Thrower Love -Dead Boys
Let's Lynch The Landlord -Dead Kennedys
Police Brutality -Necros
Skulls -Misfits
Still No Fun -Mystery Dates
Political Stu -Circle Jerks
Sick o -Murder City Devils
Fire in the Hole (Subpop 7") -Didjits
Fifteen Minutes -Autistics
Paper Cuts -Nirvana
High hopes -Gorilla Biscuits
Sore Eyes -Husker Du
Romeo -The Wipers
New Patriot -Battered Youth
Time Bomb -Rancid
Smash It Up -Damned
Taking Care of Business -Ill Repute
I Wanna be Sedated -Offspring
I Don't Mind -Buzzcocks
Jerry Garcia's an Asshole -The Backs
Such A Fool -Candy Snatchers
East LA -Manic Hispanic
The Feel -X
The Crew -7 Seconds
This Ain't No Picnic -Minutemen
S&M Party -Red Cross
Slumlord -D.O.A.
Sonic Reducer -Dead Boys
Neat Neat Neat -Damned
Punk Rock Coming Through -Yum Yums
Table Leg -Sector 4
Sticks & Stones -Thee Headcoatees
Marijuana Addiction -Dave Chappelle
Shit You Hear at Parties -Minutemen
Turkish Disco -Fugazi
Touch Me I'm Sick -Mudhoney
Two Wild and Crazy Guys ( with Dan Akroyd )-Steve Martin
Tax Revolt -Rat Cafeteria
The Nights Are So Long -Dead Boys
Super Freak -Membranes
Take A Chance -D.O.A.
That's All I know (Right Now) -Neon Boys
Too drunk to fuck -Dead Kennedys
(But Then)She Spoke -The Vandals
We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance -Sublime
Surrender -Cheap Trick
Ride -The Vines
Tick -Yeah Yeah Yeahs
One Armed Scissor -At The Drive In

oi! -dc9000!