Wednesday, September 07, 2005

this WEEK's weak THEME!

this is the WEEK we get the weakest. this SATURDAY's theme (since it is the first week) will be the NORMAL format!!! YAY!!!!!

YAY for the same!!!!! wooooo hoooooooo!

5pm - 6:30pm - OLD SCHOOL PUNK
//////////// obscure shit from different sources

//////////// new (or newer) shit thats is good.

8pm - 9pm - WHAT THE %$#@?
//////////// what ever the hell i like. (ANYTHING, really i mean it!)

...and the @fter HOURS (9pm and on) i play the show without interuption again in its full glory. OH yeah kiiids. YAY! for the SAME!

DON'T FORGET!!! get on that MAILING list. just put ADD ME! in the subject and hit SEND!!!

see ya saturday -dc9000. \m/