Monday, September 05, 2005

last Sat's PLAYLIST

here is the last playlist from the show on 09.03.05:

One Armed Scissor -At The Drive In
My Old Man's a Fatso -Angry Samoans
I Haight Ashbury -Ashley Von Hurter & the Haters
No Control -Bad Religion
Neat Neat Neat -Damned
Nilhilist Conversation -The Big Lebowski
Real world -Hüsker Dü
I am a Passenger -Iggy Pop
Neobamboom -Tiger Army
House Of Fun -Madness
Bitchin Camaro -The Dead Milkmen
Taking Care of Business -Ill Repute
Date With a Night -Yeah Yeah Yeahs
White Girl -X
Drain the Blood -Distillers
Waitresses -I Know What Bo the Waitresses
i've got an ape drape -The Vandals
fearand loathing -johnny depp
The Beat Goes On -The Screamers
High School Rock and Roll -The Ramones
Because I Wanna -The Hives
Circle One -The Germs
Jerimiah Was A Bullfrog -Ten Foot Pole
Fascist Pig -Suicidal Tendencies
We Got The Beat -Poison Idea
Movie Quotes -Breakfast Club
Negative Creep -Nirvana
Good Good Things -Descendents
The KKK Took My Baby Away (Ramones Cover) -Mxpx
Narc -Interpol
Gun Cocked, Pumped & Shot -sound Effects
Fast times at ridgemont high -Spicoli
Endless Summer -Honey Rider
Fall Back Down -Rancid
Into The Groovy -Ciccone Youth
Teenage Kicks -Buzzcocks
Flame Thrower Love -Dead Boys
When I Grow Up -Garbage
Dumb Waiters -The Rapture
banister flight -RZA
Forgetaboutit -Donnie Brasco
Gameshow Suburban Rhythm
Close to Me -Get Up Kids
Goldfinger -Man or Astroman?
Zoot Suit Riot -Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Ezekial 25-17 -Pulp fiction
Damn it Feels Good -Geto Boys
Ain't Nothin But a G Thang -Dr. Dre & Snoop
Tricky -Run DMC
Today was a good day -Ice Cube
99 Problems -Jay-Z
The Grade -Money Mark
Raspberry Beret -Prince
Every Little Step -Bobby Brown

come on back on saturday and take a listen to my hobby gone wild! tapes and cd's will be available for 5 bucks !!! plus s&h but its still CHEEP! so keep on rockin homies!

-dc9000. \m/