Friday, December 14, 2007

well, after much denial, it's over

Well, I'm done after a year and a half of non-action. I conceed. This podcast is OVER. Put a fork in me. I am thinking of doing another though. If anyone one is interested in a colaboration, lemme know. deryke(at)gmail(dot)com. even if you venture upon this and enjoy it for the first time feel free to comment!

Here is a list of all the past casts over the last years.
Podcast #1 1st cast. rec. w/ camera @ cabrillo beach ca. 8:49 min.
Podcast #2 w/ my camera on my balcony in san pedro 11:36 min.
Podcast #3 from the house 12:33min.
Podcast #4 my day 34:03 min.
Podcast #5 chicks that raWk. done on sound forge. 33:20 min.
Podcast #6 dc9000 HEADROOM 33:32 min. *my Fave!
Podcast #7 the last cast 31:49 min.